Time Travel Education

An Initiation into Understanding Time

The Realization of Time Travel for Humanity versus the Psychology of Space-Time

In my experience over the last quarter of a century, I have had the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of what either is or coincides with humanity's greatest breakthrough: the actuality of transcending time and literally travelling through it. The controls on the technology, however, are much more formidable than the so-called "swamp" that Donald Trump has referred to with regard to corrupt politics in the Washington.  This cutting edge vantage point I have experiences has come with a mulititude of communications I have received from various people across the world, with one of the most interesting being Dr. David Anderson of the Anderson Institute.  The responses I have received as a result of coherently interpreting and publishing some of his key discoveries has offered me the opportunity to take a depper look at and assess the psychology of humanity; in particular, with regard to the general capability of people to deal with the psychological ramifications of such phenomena, including their potential to overcome the ingrained censorship surrounding this technology. 

Recent events and experiences, including but not limited to the people’s extreme emotional reactions to the election, have demonstrated to me that human beings in general are in a state of mind that would preclude them from having access to time travel technology that is stable, reliable and otherwise funcitonal.  In other words, there is a BIG GAP in the ability of the average mind to facilitate or process the psychological factors involved with such.  Accordingly, I am working on a new series of videos which is designed to bridge this gap.  While I cannot guarantee success, I can quote Lao Tse from the Tao Te Ching: "The journey of a million miles begins with the first step."  Here is an introduction to the series which is in the beginning stages but very much underway: The Psychology of Space-Time, An Introduction.  This is an overview to what will be several series of videos. It is FREE.