Time Travel Education

An Initiation into Understanding Time

The Montauk Project, DA'AT and the QLIPOTH

While DA'AT allows for the soul to actually create, its aspects allows one to experience wonder. It can be argued that the Montauk Project and its tentacles represents the ultimate in wonder albeit a very much unresolved wonder. Part of this wonder is due to the fact that the entire package of the Montauk Project is all inclusive, not only containing the essential aspects of the Christ and Antichrist but also the powers of creation being used to manipulate matter, energy, space and time in virtually any aspect. While this includes both good and bad, most of the attention flows to the negative or bad. I am referring to the mind control, abuse and abduction aspects.

It has been flagrantly obvious than when people seek to tell the story of the Montauk Project, they not only emphasize the qlipothic nature of it but they also cannot see past it. What is occurring is that their qlipothic wiring inside of their own head is making connections to the qlipothic aspects of Montauk's mind control aspects. It rubs off on them to the point where they document the subject so as to further the mind control principles.

The Montauk Project, as well as any of its sister projects, were/are already successful in precipitating and fostering qlipothic energies from every part of the scoreboard. The challenge for an individual is to address and purge the qlipothic energies within him. There are many ways to purge, but one has to first be aware and then wise and disciplined in choosing a method. One can always begin with breathing. Inhaling slowly through the nose and exhaling through the mouth. Exhalation is detoxification on a physical level. I have also provided some exercises in the book "The White Bat - The Alchemy of Writing" which will help with this process. You can choose whatever process you like.

As a side note, it might seem disappointing to some that addressing the QLIPOTH and detoxing from it might take some of the intrigue out of life. Quite the contrary. You will not only feel better, you will find that life is much more interesting.
In the next post, I will talk about the Montauk movie project and how it relates to both DA'AT and the QLIPOTH.