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Silver Anniversary of the Montauk Project Celebrated with FREE DOWNLOAD of Time Reactor Patent

This month is the Silver Anniversary of the publication of The Montauk Project: Experiments in Time. When the manuscript for The Montauk Project" was being written in 1991, there were many naysayers, both from local people as well as VIPs who decried the topic. Major media turned a cold should when the book was released, refusing and even going out of their way to either avoid the topic, cancelling bookings or otherwise trying to inhibit the success of the publication. After 25 years, the tide has turned. Stephen Hawking, who is known for being forced to change his position several times on the topic, is now "on board with it" according to a History Channel program. The hottest show on Netflix, "Stranger Things" is based upon the Montauk Project, the authors even insisting it should be called "Montauk" (the original title of the show that was changed in an attempt to avoid paying royalties of any kind). There is now a documentary in the work (in final stages of editing" entitled "Secrets of Montauk" that will soon be released on the History Channel. In order to demonstrate the validity of the subject of time travel, I gave them a copy of Dr. Anderson's patent application for the Time Reactor. Here is a short video which also directs you to where you can download the patent itself. CLICK HERE FOR THE PATENT: TIME REACTOR PATENT