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Montauk and the Stone Chambers along the Hammonasset Line

On the day of the eclipse, it was brought to my attention by a friend in Woodstock that there area a series of stone chambers/structures from ancient times erected along the "Hammonasset Line" which runs from Montauk to Woodstock; and even beyond to Canada. The line is said to begin at Council Rock at Montauk, but I am suspicious of this claim because Council Rock was placed there only in recent times. There might have been similar structures in the area at one time and the building of the haunted Montauk Manor might have facilitated their destruction. I suspect, however, that the line might have more to do with the nearby "Montauk Mountain" off of Second House Road. Various people have written about the Hammonasset Line. Thus far, none of the articles I have read have mentioned the Montauk Project nor the Montauk Indians. In the meantime, energies have been hopping around Sky Books with the arrival of my Romanian family. David Anderson is planning to speak at the upcoming event via Skype. Registration is now over as capacity is full. I will give a report in the next edition of the Montauk Pulse.