Time Travel Education

An Initiation into Understanding Time

Evaluating Data & the Paranormal

In the previous day's post, I emphasized the relationship between DNA and information as well as the relationship between DNA and the Cabbalistic Tree of Life. All of this is important because YOU LIVE VIA YOUR DNA.

In these times, most of the popular information commanding people's attention, and that both the media and alternative media have sought to capitalize on, involves CONSPIRACY, UFOS, ANCIENT ARTIFACTS AND PARANORMAL PHENOMENA; and sometimes, to a much lesser degree, self-improvement or saviorship.

The most effective and useful way to process such information is through understanding two phenomena that are intentionally omitted from common depictions of the Tree of Life schematic. These concepts are not new and although you can learn about them on the internet, any mention of them will draw a blank with most people.

I am referring to the QLIPOTH and DA'AT. With regard to processing your own stream of information, it will serve you well to study and/or review these concepts on your own and become at least somewhat expert in understanding them. Before I give a concise explanation of these two terms, I want to suggest that if you learn to use these concepts to filter information, you will find yourself not paying so much attention to inaccurate or misleading information nor the purveyors of such, the latter of which pander to sensationalism.

Although the QLIPOTH has been defined, spelled in different ways, the key principle to understand about it is that it represents that which is USELESS. Think of it as garbage. Conventionally, the QLIPOTH represents the sum total of evolutionary mistakes which might include anything but is usually thought of in terms of life forms that did not work out such as dinosaurs, mammoths and so on. It also includes worn out ideas such as systems of thoughts. L. Ron Hubbard's concept of the reactive mind is also an example which represents reactive ideas or responses that are not appropriate to the situation at hand. It stands to reason that morphogenetic evolution would need a mechanism by which to discard what is not needed, at least for the moment.

While the QLIPOTH does not exist as describe in the physical realm, it has a correspondence in the physical plane: defection, urination and any other solid, liquid or gaseous matter that is expunged from the physical body.

If the QLIPOTH were only a garbage bin, it would not attract or warrant too much attention. There is, however, a sinister twist to it and that has to do with the dynamic force and/or entities that are attached to it. We will address this in the next post.

With regard to DA'AT, we are dealing with another hidden and/or overlooked aspect of the Tree of Life.

DA'AT or DA'ATH represents curiosity and the doorway to knowledge as well as the knowledge found itself. I can think of no better example than Dorothy in "The Wizard of Oz" as she arrives in Oz sees a translucent orb which she follows. She is being guided, propelled by her own curiosity. While DA'AT represents the doors to knowledge, it also represents the doors to other worlds, and that means any realm you might imagine.

As DA'AT is invisible and even represents invisibility, it also represents enigmatic phenomena. Cabbalilstically, it is ruled by the planet Neptune which represents illusion or the Hindu term Maya. Here we have all the phenomena listed above. UFOs, the Philadelphia Experiment, ghosts and whatnot all correspond to this mysterious realm which again, is not typically depicted in diagrams of the Tree of Life.

Just as is the case with the QLIPOTH, there is also a negative twist with regard to DA'AT, and we will address this in the next post. In the meantime, I encourage you to study these two terms at least a bit and get a grasp on them. Once your understand them, you'll be able to better filter information so as not to waste your own time.