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Duncan Cameron passes away

Alexander Duncan Cameron, the primary psychic used in the "Montauk Chair" during the experiments known as the "Montauk Project" passed away at 9:33pm on May 9th of this year (2019). He had been suffering from prostate cancer for some time. 

Duncan was born on June 29th, 1951 and passed at the age of 67, just a month before what would have been his 68th birthday.  His death is seven months after that of Preston Nichols.  He had been suffering from advanced prostate cancer for some time.

An enigmatic and talented character, Duncan was one of the most unique persons one could meet.  Steeped in indoctrination from the intelligence community, Duncan was able to break free enough to the point where he could contribute to exposing horrors unleashed upon humanity by the secret sector, but he had suffered too much trauma to completely break free from it.

Extremely charismatic, Duncan had a huge impact on the many people that crossed his path.  His role in discovering his own involvement in the Montauk Project was crucial to the research of Preston Nichols and getting the story out.

Above and beyond his personal complexities, idiosyncrasies, and reluctance to probe into certain areas, Duncan contributed greatly in helping us understand the psychology of time.  While Preston was the engineer of time, Duncan was the “vizier” or viewer whose input and spiritual acumen was providing insight into the psychology of the operations.

I thank Duncan for his role in my life and giving me the capacity to stretch the boundaries of my knowledge.