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Bizzarre Assault by Coast Guard Petty Officer at Montauk

Two days ago, on May 30th, a Coast Guard Petty Officer stationed at the Montauk Coast Guard facility broke into the home of an elderly couple and assaulted the women, Dee Burke, choking, punching and biting her according to newspaper reports. Inside information provided to me, however, states that he actually tried to eat her. Police apprehended him but he was, quite oddly, released on $30,000 bail, a very low threshold for such a violent crime.

There are a couple of odd coincidences at work here. First, press reports reveal that the Montauk police captain is Christopher Anderson, a name that links him to the enigmatic Anderson clan who Al Bielek identified as the custodians of time travel.  More oddly, he is also an acquaintenance and former tenant of Joe Loffreno, the man who I just interviewed (about East Hampton corruption) in Podcast #9.  Here is the most expositive article (click on link). There is a lot more to the story that has not been report, including the attempted cannibalism. Montauk Coast Guard Assault